Standing Up For Real Food On Food Revolution Day

food revoloution day 2Food is one of my passions.  No- I don’t think it’s because I love eating it all the time, although I do enjoy eating good food!  It’s more to do with the empowering feeling of knowing what effect food has on my body and eating accordingly.

At present I am going through the menopause and suffer a little with hot flushes, which are particuarly tiresome at night as they can keep me awake.  Now this has prompted me to read about natural remedies for relieving such symptoms.  I have found some really interesting information on what my body needs at such a time.  By increasing my intake of omega3 and foods such as soya, green vegetables, fish and nuts and decreasing my intake of caffeine and alcohol I am already feeling the benefits. The great thing is that these foods not only relieve the symptoms mentioned, but they benefit me in so many other ways, such as keeping my weight down, which is also an issue at this time.

Knowing that many if not most of my ailments can be cured by diet is exciting and empowering.  I have lost count of the number of friends who lament the awful side effects of prescribed medication for their ailments and many are still suffering many months later.  Yet nature has provided a rich source of nourishment that,  in addition to a healthy lifestyle,  can give us a healthy and pain-free life in many cases.

Standing up for real (fresh, varied, unprocessed) food on Food Revolution Day is all about teaching us to make good use of the provisions that are out there if we will only learn to find them, prepare them and eat them. In many ways it’s about going back to basics, learning how to use foods to our advantage as our great-grandparents did, but also just simply learning to love real food. In today’s world we have so much information at our fingertips.

Share real food on Food Revolution Day.  Find out about this exciting event with Jamie Oliver on May 17th:  The Food Revolution

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