Our Family Values

WP_20150420_006Right from the start, our marriage relationship was grounded on mutual family values. This was essential for us if we were to go in the same direction, in a relationship that would withstand hardships as well as joys. For us, these values came from The Bible, which we had both grown to know and love since childhood. We had loved hearing and reading stories from the Bible as children, and as we grew into adulthood, found that it stood the test of time. The more we read, the more we found that it applied to our lives at all the different stages. It isn’t a book of old-fashioned rules and regulations, but rather a truly inspired book that shows us how to live. It tells the stories of human failures and victories and of mysteries that become clear over time.

There have been many times when we have been in difficult situations, we have turned to the Bible for wisdom. In fact the whole of the book of Proverbs contains amazing gems of wisdom that are just as true today as when they were written.

This book has been for us The Word Of God that has blessed our lives and that of our four children for over 35 years and we still find ourselves hungry to read more!

Do you have family values?

Read my short review of the Bible here.

The Road To Something Greater

WP_20150327_002Christian anarchist writer Elbert Hubbard once said,

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Walking to work the other day, it struck me that although my life might seem rather mundane now, it is only one part of the road I am on to something greater. It’s that “something greater” that I need to focus on, the destination, rather than the place I am in now, in order to know hope and joy.

The journey now is important too and this is the part I want to enjoy, to live each day in the present, at the same time as looking to my destination and remembering where to get off. If I only lived for the journey, I would never arrive. If I only lived for the destination, I wouldn’t survive the bumpy road ahead.

So the road I am on right now might be a little bumpy and it might be hard at times to see around the corner for the next step, but I must remember my destination and ensure that this road will indeed take me there. This is what we often told our growing sons in the past. It’s great to work in a routine type of job, but remember where you want to go. You might need to take another fork in the road at times to adjust things, but the excitement of going there will keep you going.

For me, I don’t know where my road will lead, but believe it will lead somewhere great, for I believe that when I started out on this road, it was right for me. I also believe that I (and each of us if we choose to believe) are destined for great things. I want that when I die, people will remember me for good things, not just sentimental ones, that I have made a difference in this world for the good.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Funny Moments From An RSPCA Charity Shop

Source Chrissiejo

Source Chrissiejo

Every experience in life has it’s funny moments and my 2 1/2 years spent volunteering once a week at my local RSPCA shop was no exception. There was never a boring day, for so many different people would visit us and make our afternoon something to smile about. Two of our regular customers (more…)

When Letting Go Is Not A Good Plan- Don’t Lose The Things You Love

My Life Map Achievements

“The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have life abundantly.”

My family is at the stage where we have gradually been letting go of our four boys. With the eldest it was hard, with the second, well he seemed to go before we could complain, the third one is wanting to go but hasn’t quite achieved it and the fourth goes and returns again. This got me thinking. (more…)

South Korea Is A Place Rich In Sights And Sounds

Tasting Korean Food

South Korea where I am visiting at present, is a country rich in bright colours, pungent in street food sellers smells and noisy with large, busy roads with people coming and going on a large scale. It’s lots to take in in two weeks. Their Hanbok dress is particularly colourful, and everywhere you go (more…)

Finding My Wings Through A Dream Holiday In South Korea

In traditional Hanbok

I haven’t always been a great traveller. I have many excuses I could give, such as the commitments of a growing family, lack of finances and being prone to travel sickness. However, when my children started flying the nest, slowly my wings emerged too! I no longer needed to be there for them all of the time and I could find myself a job that I would enjoy and would provide some extra income.

So when my eldest son moved to South Korea five years ago, I didn’t immediately believe that I would visit him. However, once he announced that he was engaged to a Korean girl whom we had never met, the thought was planted and began to grow in me, that maybe I could pay them a visit. (more…)

Lasting & Meaningful Gift Ideas- The Gift Of Music

2013-12-26 13.18.34There have been times when, like many people at this time of the year, we have wondered what to buy our loved-ones for Christmas. Looking back over the years with four children, I have to say that the best gift ideas have been the gift of music.

Bringing music into our family has brought with it fun, (more…)

Thoughts From A French Restaurant

Chef & Wine I
Chef & Wine I
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Working in my local French restaurant in the SE of England

I sometimes serve our delicious, home-cooked French Cuisine to visitors from other countries! They always love our food, which begs the question:- why didn’t they visit an English restaurant for some real English food? Well firstly, where are these restaurants? (more…)

Can You See The New Life Poking Through?

2014-08-21 10.22.43I was sitting at home alone, awaiting my next shift at work and my family to return later on in the day from their three day camping trip. It got me thinking what it will soon feel like when the last of our four sons leaves home. In two weeks one will be leaving for university and then the last remaining one will no doubt be making plans to move on.

For the last three days I have made the most of my time alone (inbetween working) and have enjoyed the company of some of my friends. My plans to clean the house whilst it was empty were thwarted at the beginning with the breakdown of our hoover. In hindsight I could have embarked on a decorating project, which although not exactly my forte, would have been a nice surprise for me as well as my family! The writing platform where I write and express my passions creatively is also closing and I haven’t quite got my head around my new plan of action.

The three days is nearly over and as I fight a little today (more…)

Summer Days And Salad

Appetizing Apple Pasta Salad

Appetizing Apple Pasta Salad

During those lovely hot, summer days, I love trying out different salad recipes that can be prepared in advance and eaten cold whenever it suits you. We live in a seaside town and sometimes we spontaneously decide to throw everything into the picnic bag and head for the beach. The ideal food is salad! My family are coming and going, some working shifts and needing meals at unusual times. A ready-prepared salad is again a great solution. (more…)

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