Have You Ever Told Your Child About The Real Meaning Of Easter?


Easter eggs and bunnies tell a story

It’s not hard to do either and you can quickly check it out for yourself.  Here’s a site that explains it simply- What Is The Easter Story? and provides  some great resources.

The easy way is to wait until they are showing interest and use props naturally to help,  such as an easter egg they’ve been given or an easter bunny. Or when eating a hot cross bun ask if  they know why we make a cross on our hot cross buns? Don’t worry, the story of Jesus dying doesn’t have to be gruesome and scary, but especially if you can get hold of some good resources,  it can be simply told and the wonder of the resurrection will be caught.

In this modern day, it’s important that every child has the opportunity to hear The Greatest Story Ever Told so that they can decide for themselves. After all, how can they choose unless they hear the options?

By helping children to take care of their spiritual health, they are more likely to grow into well-balanced and mature adults who are able to withstand the pressures of life.

What Is The Easter Story?

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