Are green vegetables a source of pain or pleasure in your family?

Spinach Rice With EggWe all know the importance of eating green, leafy vegetables. They provide valuable antioxidants which protect us from premature ageing, cancer and heart disease, to name a few. They also contain Vitamin C to strengthen our immune system from colds and the like.  You would think that if they did all this and more, we would gladly eat them!

When we are young we can feel as if nothing will harm us. We can feel like Popeye! Of course we all know that as we get older, an unhealthy diet can catch up with us and cause all sorts of miserable ailments.

So how can we get our kids to form healthy eating habits early on, which they happily keep to as they grow up? Don’t be afraid to create a loving, healthy eating structure in your family. It will pay off! Here are a few things that have worked for us:

  • Ensure they are hungry before a meal, by not allowing them to fill up on sugary snacks beforehand.
  • Let them cultivate an interest in growing vegetables , even if you don’t grow them yourself, talk about how they grow and when they are in season. Let them help you to pick them out at the shop.
  • Let them help you prepare and cook them, so that they know that it isn’t difficult and they know they can do it.
  • Create a buzz in your home about eating them, making them feel that it is the norm rather than unusual and help them to understand the benefits.
  • Try different recipes and ways of including them in your meals and mixing them with foods they enjoy.  Try adding a creamy dressing or you might even be able to put some in a cake!
  • Lead by example and enjoy eating together by creating a moan-free zone and a welcoming table. If they see you enjoying these foods, they are more likely to follow.

Try these healthy and easy spinach recipes

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