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Although in America I understand that a pancake breakfast is quite popular, in UK this is not the case. Most Brits will more often than not, grab a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast and when they eat this meal together, it will more often be a good old fry up.

When we lived in Germany, I guess it was mixing with Americans we met there that converted us for a time to the pancake breakfast! I was given a simple pancake recipe that was more substantial than the normal one, as it contained buttermilk and wholemeal flour and surprisingly it was a hit with our family.

We spent many a Saturday morning where I would make up the mixture and my husband and our two boys would cook them up in the pan. Our dining table was then in the kitchen, which made it a lot easier. One thing I don’t like about eating pancakes is if the cook is having to run between two rooms in order to cook and and serve them. With it all happening in one room we could all be involved and our boys learned how to cook them too.

We had to import our favourite golden syrup though whenever we had visitors from UK, as it was almost impossible to buy where we lived. But we also enjoyed other sweet additions such as honey and lemon and jam which were always available.

So every Saturday became known as Pancake Day for us, for it was how we started the day and those pancakes kept us going way past lunchtime!

Check out my recipe and all about pancake day here: Yeah- Its Pancake Day (Mardi Gras)


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