Will you wear red for Red Nose Day?

Well what’s it all about then, wearing red, or was it red noses I hear?

On 15th March all around UK, people will be walking around with red noses and trying to make everyone laugh. Many won’t stop at the nose either and who nose where else one might find red on their persons? All in aid of a good cause of course and actually, making an effort on a particular day to laugh can’t be bad can it, especially when you think of the health benefits? After all, some hospitals even enlicit the ploys of clowns to bring cheer to the children’s wards. They say it really helps too!

So Red Nose Day would be well worth all the fuss even if that was all it was. But the truth is, it isn’t! It’s so much more that makes the afore-mentioned meaningless in comparison. The idea is that everyone does something funny for money. Yes- the many antics are all done to raise money for needy children. Comic Relief is a great cause and you can find lots of red ideas and resources here.


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