What Is Motherhood?

1030With Mothers Day approaching (10th March in UK) it got me thinking about what motherhood is all about.  Is it just about giving birth to a newborn baby? Or is motherhood about feeding and clothing it?

As a mother of four boys and a grandmother of three, I would say yes to all of the above but it is more than that.  After all, once they’ve been born most men can do the practical side of things. No, I believe that it’s more about sharing the feminine side with our children that compliments the human race with men.  We really are different to men!!! Even our brains function differently and motherhood enables me to give the qualities to my child that men cannot. I hardly dare list them here, for fear in this liberal day of being old-fashioned. All I know is that when I stop trying to compete with my husband and start letting him be the man of the house, I can enjoy my feminity in safety and give that to my family.  It’s a bit like a bouquet of flowers. We aren’t all roses. We aren’t all ferns and greenery, but we certainly work well together.

I believe that my children benefit when I find my true identity and am not afraid to be me.  After all, I could never please everyone all of the time, but I will surely bring a lot of harmony to my world by giving of myself as I am, as I was created to be, rather than who I struggle to be out of insecurity.

So in the next few weeks, when I go to visit my son’s family with their new baby, I will unashamedly sit and cue at him and enjoy chatting with my daughter-in-law about breastfeeding and childbirth and get on with making them some good home-cooked meals, after which we will read stories together, sing soothing lullabies and nursery rhymes and create some artwork to commemorate Nannie’s visit.

In the meantime, back at home, my husband will be soldiering on working at his business and bringing in the money and I will let him, content that our love allows us to be who we are, do what we do best and give that to our children, for their children.

On Mother’s Day I am proud to show my appreciation to my own mother who gave these qualities to me, that helped form the basis of who I am today.

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