What Goes In must Come Out

S/W Ver: A0.03.1DRWell it makes sense doesn’t it? Whatever you put into something, determines what you get out of it.

We have recently bought a new car.  Unlike our previous car, this one runs on diesel. Now if we  put petrol in, it wouldn’t perform well. In fact it would come to a standstill at the garage, where it would have to be washed out and filled with petrol instead! This goes to show that it is important to understand the item you are using, so that you follow the instructions and get the best performance out of it.

Similarly, we as humans have certain requirements. If we eat the wrong food our bodies will deteriorate. It is well-known how certain nutrients provide particular functions for our bodies. Without them our bodies won’t be able to perform those functions properly.

How about our emotional and spiritual welfare? It’s just the same isn’t it. If we neglect to provide ourselves and our children with what we need to flourish in life, we will suffer. For example, if we constantly tell our child that they are no good, they will believe it and start living that way, with low expectations of their ability in life to be successful.

Are you feeling down?

It’s not easy finding a way to be able to consistently feed our spirits with positive truths, but it is possible. However, just as we need to regularly eat the right nutrients to maintain good health, we also need to feed our spirits on a regular basis with the right thoughts. It won’t just happen on it’s own. Believe me, I have tried it. But this is something that is vital to teach our children too. First of all though, we need to be winning the battlefield over our own minds.

Joyce Meyer’s book, The Battlefield Of The Mind does just that. It gives you a small portion of positive truths to read and take with you into each day, that only takes five minutes to read.

Interested? Read a review. It will not only change your mind, but your life!

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