What Do You Associate With Eating Scones?

english sconesWell they are a British tradition, so I think of country houses and gardens. There’s nothing better after looking around a stately home or National Trust park, than sitting down with a friend over a pot of tea and a fresh homemade scone. The tea of course needs to be served from a teapot and accompanied by a cup and saucer. The scones are delicious with jam or fresh strawberries and clotted cream. Now we mustn’t be fooled into thinking that they aren’t as fattening as other cakes, which is true if you are thinking of cream gateaus, but they are full of carbs and usually refined, unless you make the wholemeal variety, which are good with added sultanas. You could of course eat them without cream, but then there would be the butter..

I’m sure that the Queen Of England would serve them at her Summer garden parties, along with cucumber sandwiches of course. They could be termed as finger food, easy to eat whilst standing up and chatting on the lawn in the lovely sunshine. Not sure how it works if it rains though..

Enough of garden parties and English castles. We live at the end of the road where a 600 year old castle stands and could go there any day for a cream tea, but thankfully with a large family to feed that isn’t necessary, for I love baking and making them myself, ready to welcome them home with the smell and delicious taste. If eaten fresh, the same day, they don’t even need cream. Just a little butter will do and jam please.

Here’s my tried and tested recipe: The Delicious English Scone Recipe

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