The Gym Or The Golf Course?

The Golf Terms

The Golf Terms

I am trying to  decide whether I should cancel my gym membership and take up golf instead! I can’t afford both, so it has to be one or the other! At least the golf course would get me outside in the fresh air and I have been going at it in the gym for almost a year!

Some months ago my husband (who had always been one for watersports) started accompanying his business partner onto the golf course.  At first he did it to make his partner happy. They had some good business chats there and were so refreshed that they worked much better afterwards! Before long my husband was coming home with golf clubs, carry bags and even a set of left-handed clubs for me, should I decide to take it up! At this stage I decided that he was getting quite keen and although he used his partner as the excuse for going, was by this time just as keen himself.

So what do you do when you know hardly anything about golf, yet you want to at least show some interest when he’s watching it on the telly? By now they were talking in golf terms, picked up I guess from the clubhouse!

I decided to sit down and do some research on the golf terms so that I could at least understand the game a little and know what I might be getting myself into.  I could then at least speak like an interested and intelligent (?) woman who knew what they were talking about when they referred to those nice birdies and doglegs!

So here it is- maybe it will also give you a bit of a light introduction to the game. Some of those golf terms are rather funny, I must say! Check it out: Underanding Golf Terms

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