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Isn’t it amazing just how many differents types of food there are, all with their own unique tastes? We try to categorize and label them. Do we like them all? If you like me enjoy cooking, the challenge is to bring out all those natural flavours and not destroy them in the preparation.

How can you help your children to enjoy trying new tastes? They will be better inspired to do so if you do and you can make food fun, interesting and appetizing for them.  We all need new ideas for family eating! Many parents believe that they are doing them a favour by giving them lots of processed food, but many of the natural flavours and vital nutrients will be lost in the lengthy preparation that processing them requires.

Get back to basics I say and try lots of different foods just as they are.  You could even let your childrens own creativity loose by letting them prepare them as they would like. Think up some wacky ideas of serving fruit, veggies and cheese and cold meats.  Have you ever tried this and discovered that by adding a cherry to the top of a piece of fresh pineapple for example, your child eats something they hadn’t been interested in before? This is well worth thinking about and will be a great investment to their future health and well-being.

What has worked for you?

A Kids Adventure Exploring The Sense Of Taste

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