My First Batch Of Traditional Mince Pies (and the recipe)

Mince Pies

Mince Pies

Last weekend I was feeling “under the weather!” I was struggling to shake off a tummy bug. My husband and son had decided to jump in the car and visit Grannie, so I decided to catch up with myself and the housework. Thankfully, the housework was sorted by lunchtime and then it was “time for me.” As I was contemplating what to do, a friend, whom I had been meaning to see for some time, popped in for a cuppa. That was so nice to sit and chat and I felt so blessed. As I said good-bye I wondered what I could I do to bless my family and welcome them home.

I then decided to get started with Christmas!

However, the thought of putting up the tree and decorations felt a bit too much. Curling up on the sofa with my favourite Andre Rieu DVD lasted for 5 minutes before it hit me:-

I would bake my first batch of mince pies!

Now you might be thinking that this is rather hard work. Not so with my easy mince pie recipe and for someone who loves baking and actually finds it therapeutic. With no-one else in the house I donned my apron and put my new Christmas CD on at full blast! The picture here is the result. We enjoy them them warm or cold on their own or sometimes we might eat them with hot custard if they aren’t so fresh (rarely the case as they get eaten fast once they have been discovered). Some people like them with brandy butter too!

The house was reeling with the buttery, spicy aroma when my family arrived home. What better accompaniment to the mulled wine and the start of Christmas!  And we all enjoyed the DVD amidst news from Grannie and mouthfuls of mince pies!

I decided that as I have been making these mince pies and perfecting them for many years now, it was time to share my traditional recipe. Here it is- enjoy!

How To Make Traditional Mince Pies


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