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nannie and alistairStrangely enough, since my first grandson was born, I began going through the change of life. It was as if I could leave childbirth to the next generation. I had done my bit and was now embarking on a journey of being a grandparent. This also coincided with our two youngest becoming independant and therefore my husband and I being able to go off when we liked without any children to worry about!

Now how do you do that when you’ve had dependant children for the last 30 years? It is lovely, but it takes some getting used to. It’s easier and cheaper to travel without a whole brood on tow, so the new freedom is something to be thankful for.

However it didn’t happen quite that easily, for my body changes meant that feelings of depression and tiredness could creep in and prevent us enjoying that freedom. We realised quite early on that our continued health couldn’t be taken for granted, but had to be worked on. So I did some research and discovered that I was lacking Omega 3 fish oil. These essential fatty acids are more often than not absent from our western diet, yet they are needed to balance hormones, insulate nerve cells and keep the skin and arteries supple. I started taking the Omega 3 fish oil capsules and about two months down the road feel fitter, brighter, more positive, energetic and motivated. Mood swings have not re-appeared at all. Of course I also try to include them more in my diet through eating oily fish, nuts and seeds, which isn’t too difficult as my family all enjoy these foods.

I find it so empowering to be able to take responsibility for my own health and learn how to control it to some large extent through diet and lifestyle.

You can read more about my journey and the resources that have helped me here:

When Feeling Blue During The Menopause

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