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I love this time of the year!  You can begin to smell the first signs of the awakening of life: the first cuttings of grassy lawns, the bursting of new flowers, competing with the first smells of Spring as the ground is warming up. Even in my own family we have been welcoming a new baby with all of the smells associated with feeding, changing and simply warm cuddles! Taking note of our sense of smell brings much pleasure!

Then there are the smells of home. A simnel cake in the oven for Easter or the toasting and indeed the baking of hot cross buns.  Waking up on Good Friday to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing. These are some of my favourite smells. Many of them hold special memories that are evoked each time I smell them. The coffee aromas were a regular breakfast feature for us when we lived in Germany, along with the smell of delicious fresh rolls that we would buy from the bakers.  Recent baby smells from our new grandson reminded me of the four times we tended our own babies, who are now all grown up! The smells of grass and flowers remind me of many happy Saturday mornings as a child when my father would mow the lawn and tend the flowers and vegetables in our lovely garden where I would play with my siststers, whilst my mother would send lots of appetizing smells from the kitchen. Or of those hazy walks on dusky mornings to school, when the day would be just beginning, but everything would be waking up and smelling so fresh and untouched..

The sense of smell is an important part of who we are.  It helps to join the past with the present. It also teaches us so much about our world and our part in it.

Click here for A Making Sense Of Smell Lesson Plan to share this with children.

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