It’s Food Day!

October 24th is Food Day in America. In UK, the equivalent Food Revolution Day is in March. It is a time to remember and celebrate the huge value of growing, cooking and eating real, natural food that hasn’t been processed! The modern inventions of factory processing and packaging that destroy much of the taste and nutrients, combined with the busy lives many people now live have in many instances convinced us that these kind of foods were better. Many have grown into adulthood without the basic skills of cooking. Is it any wonder that we now have an increase in many modern diseases that weren’t prevalent before, or at least swapped the causes from poverty and a lack of education. Now many are so lacking in basic nutrients that they are suffering from things that a change in diet could radically change. This must surely be preferrable than trying to cure ourselves with drugs and medicines?

So on Food Day we strive to bring back the good old-fashioned home cooked foods, fresh and organic- a small price to pay for good long-term health.

Share in the Food Revolution and fight for healthy living!

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