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Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

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It’s all very well preparing all the food and presents for Christmas, but unless  everyone has something to do on the day, they are likely to get fractious or end up watching TV all day.  And of course the meal isn’t going to take all day, or if it does you are likely to be exhausted, so have some light entertainment up your sleeve to keep up the party spirit! No, it doesn’t have to be complicated and embarrassing games. With a bit of thought you can incorporate a bit of extra fun into the proceedings that are already happening anyway.

On Christmas Day get as many people involved in the meal time and preparation as possible, with the incentive that there will then be more time for some fun acvitites once the jobs have been done.  Try to ask well in advance so that you don’t get to the stage of screaming for help in frustration at the last minute and causing a bad atmosphere (never a good idea when the in-laws are coming!)  Don’t assume that people will volunteer help either, you are bound for disappointment! With some planning beforehand, there shouldn’t be too much to do on the day, as much of it can be done beforehand. In fact much of the British fare is better prepared in advance and left to mature, such as the sherry trifle, the christmas pudding and the cake  (to let all those lovely flavours soak into each other). Even the stuffing will be moister if left in the fridge over night or even over several days. Choose vegetables that won’t take long to prepare.

When your guests arrive, make sure that your home looks inviting and welcoming- that you are expecting them! It doesn;t have to be spic and span, but it’s surprising how much of a difference it can make if the table is laid and candles lit!

Whatever you do, think about what everyone would like, but don’t stress out trying to please them all. Remember to enjoy the celebrations yourself!

What To Do On Christmas Day- 10 Great Ideas

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