How To Teach Children About Love

about LoveLove is an over-used word in our society today and yet one that is sadly lacking in many of our lives. Many of us haven’t had the advantage of loving role models when we grew up, to show us real love.

Love is something we all long for and need. Neglect is an all-too-common form of abuse and many would say is worse than anything else.

So how can we teach children about love? We all know that although they can do so quite naturally on occasions, at other times they neglect to share it. Here are some tips to make your family more loving:

  • Know that YOU are loved! If you don’t believe it, you won’t be able to experience and share it.
  • Teach them by example. If you don’t show love, how will they know it? Although love shouldn’t have to be proved, it is rather useless if it is not shown, so don’t keep it to yourself!
  • Believe in it and share the truth, that the more love you give, the more you receive. It’s a choice and it works!
  • Allow your children to spend time with people who are loving role models.
  • Read stories together, sing songs or watch films about the power of love and talk about them together.
  • Have a day once a week when everyone has to do something especially loving for another family member. It might be to make them a cup of tea when they get home or to buy them a bunch of flowers. Whatever brings a smile to their face.
  • Replace bad habits with real love, such as shouting with stopping and acting rather than re-acting, pre-judging with believing the best, ignoring with taking more interest.
  • Encourage interaction in the family so that more opportunities are there for loving, e.g. eat together regularly, go out somewhere nice at the weekends together etc.

For more ideas on the emotion of  love with kids, go to A Love A Lot Lesson Plan

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