How To Lose Weight When You Love Baking

My Almond Slice Recipe

My Almond Slice Recipe

I am in a challenging time of life. My challenge is how to lose weight in order to journey into the second half of my life in good health. And how to do this when I love baking and- dare I say it- sampling my baking delights? I would normally find it do-able to avoid the sweet goodies when grocery shopping, but surely I’m not expected to avoid my cakes? They might not compete with Mary Berry’s creations, but the smell certainly makes them irresistable!.

I’ve tried baking less and yes that is a solution. I mean I would only bake one cake per week on average. But I feel as though I am denying myself one of my pleasures in life and actually, I don’t mind admitting that after 33 years of baking, I’m pretty good at it now.  Many hours have been spent flicking through recipe books in idle anticipation and then into the kitchen to embark on baking on a Saturday morning, whilst my husband serenaded me on the piano. Having a husband and four boys has always supplied a hungry, appreciating support network. They never went to waste!

Oh well, now that the boys have almost left the nest, maybe I need to let go not only of them, but also the cake-baking years, not to mention the weight- and replace them with healthy soups and salads. After all, I would never have believed that my darling hubby has at last started growing a tum, no doubt due at least in part to my love of baking.

How to lose weight when you love baking? Eat healthily for 80% of the time and try more cakes with less butter and flour and more fruit and nuts. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Well my maiden name wasn’t Baker for nothing and just one batch of almond slices won’t hurt will it?

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