Finding Cinderella

Disney Princess - Cinderella Peel & Stick Giant Wall DecalWe all love the rags to riches story that goes around, particuarly at Christmas time, but I was asking myself whether I could think of anyone I knew who had done this.  I suppose many of us wish for this to happen, that one day we will strike lucky by either marrying a millionaire, winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune.

I love hearing Cinderella type stories, because it goes far deeper than money or fame, it is about rising above difficult circumstances, overcoming, reaching for the stars, climbing a mountain, becoming the best that you can be and reaching your full potential. I remember attending a workshop where several entrepreneurs were sharing their own stories of how they had started with nothing, but through faith and determination, managed to create successful businesses. They were telling us how they did it and it was certainly inspiring. It stirred up faith in myself, made me believe that I too could  go beyond the norm. However in addition, they also shared their own personal journeys of sacrifice, where they had to lose things in order to gain more. They had to believe in themselves and create the right mindset, each day declaring and believing, focussing on their goals and learning to look at the glass as being half full rather than half empty and putting themelves in places with the right people where this would happen.

I went away knowing that this was something I wanted to attain, at least to give it my best shot. I wanted to be the next Cinderella! This was how many people before me had achieved huge accomplishments in many areas of life, refusing to give up even when everyone around them was telling them to do so. I even felt that this was something God wanted for me!

This was why, when I watched Cinderella Man, I was moved to tears and deeply inspired. It has proved to be my favourite film, especially knowing that it was based upon a true story.  You can read my review here.

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