Exposing What Fear Is Like

fear is like

When fear is like this- crush it / face it?

Fear demands to be hidden and disguised. It has to be in control and will speak loud and clear as often as possible. The best time is first thing in the morning, for then it has more chance of controlling the whole day. As the day arrives, it can lie about how impossible my dreams and goals are for the day. It can convince me that I can’t do any of it. Can’t is a favourite word as are hopeless, dangerous, irresponsible and impossible.

Fear is a friend of Lies. They work really well together. If fear can fuel the lies, then it has a great chance of control and the person concerned is likely to be covered in a cloak of deceit. Yes- they will be perfectly convinced of the truth of the lies and will get very angry if challenged. If challenged they will probably feel not only angry, but also let down and misunderstood. “Surely they can see that I can’t possibly be expected to…..!” will be their plaintive cry.

Fear loves darkness, so although it loves to get right in there at the start of the day, it also loves the night, when it can lurk in the shadows and take you by surprise when you are unprepared.  The more it can stay with you, the more  potent it will become and you might actually grow to like it. This can be the point of no-return, for once it becomes your friend it could be there to stay. Its roots will go deep if left alone and will twist themselves around every part of your life.

What can get rid of it then? Some kind of pest killer? It might affect every part of the body, making it sick, but it starts in the mind and that is where it needs dislodging.  Counterattack it with truth and the lies will no longer be able to hang around. Without the lies, fear won’t know how to function on it’s own.

Fear is a hard master. It demands, it deceives, it destroys.

What is the opposite of fear? For me it is LOVE!

Know what you believe and find the truth, for the truth will set you free!

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