How To Become A Saint- Do You Know The Story Of St Patrick?

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I was recently listening to a memorial service where this dear lady who had passed away was being honoured by many good memories of the noteworthy things she had done. Now that made me think that when I die, I would like to be remembered like that. I hope that at my funeral service there will be things that will have benefited others from my life. How sad if my life was only lived to benefit myself. What good would that be? So when I awoke this morning, this thought gave me a good reason to get up: “What can I do today to bless someone else?”

Most of us like any excuse to celebrate- and so we should, for life should be that- a journey of celebration! Will I be celebrating St Patricks Day on Sunday? Probably not as I shall be travelling abroad. I’m not Irish after all, although my grandmother lived there as a child. It’s not to say that I’m not grateful that St Patrick brought christianity to Ireland- and God knows they need something good to celebrate. But to become a saint? In my book a saint is someone who is a christian and lives a life worthy of being remembered. Maybe we have forgotten why he was made a saint. Do you know the story of St Patrick? There are of course many other good christian people who did amazing things for others, but didn’t make it into the church’s book of saints. I suspect though that they will be remembered as such by God! Even still, God isn’t impressed by our good works as a means to please him and get that pass of becoming a saint.  It’s our faith that pleases him, for only by believing in him and what he has done  for us can we be saved! Now that is maybe moving on towards Easter, but you don’t have to wait until then! Read about it here.

St Patrick lived many years ago.  You can read more about this day and how to share it with children, here: A Colour Green Lesson Plan

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