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The Sense Of Touch

The Sense Of Touch- Little Hands

There are more nerve endings in our fingertips than other parts of our body. Is it any wonder then that we are naturally keen to  feel and touch things around us? We can discover  a lot by doing this. How else would blind people be able to read and identify things without being able to feel?

In the same way a child needs to be able feel and touch  in order to learn.  They can of course learn by using their other senses, but I have noticed how much quicker they learn and with so much more enthusiasm, when their little hands are able to feel and touch as well.  Over the years I have developed ways of making this possible during my teaching sessions with young children. Here is one that concentrates on The Sense Of Touch and uses many of these principles in a successful way.

Take a look at The Sense Of Touch Lesson Plan

So next time little hands want to touch,  think first before saying no,  for who knows how much they might learn.

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