Are Children Like Mirror Reflections Of Their Parents?

No parent wants their child to be carbon copies of themselves. A healthy child will be free to find their own unique identity. As parents, we feel proud when our children display complimentary attributes to the parent they take after, but how do we feel when they display the less complimentary ones? Do we control them to the hilt to ensure that this part of us never comes to light? After all, when our friends come to visit, we don’t want them saying how much Johnny reminds them of his Mum just as he is having a temper tantrum! It’s a bit like looking in the mirror one morning and discovering a big red spot on your face. Do you grab the pot of camouflage ointment and pray that no-one notices, get really angry that it is there and blame it on the food that your husband cooked the night before or sit down and work out a plan to change your diet and lifestyle to ensure that your skin becomes healthier? We all know which is the best longterm. When it comes to parenting, can we be humble enough to recognize sometimes when our child is showing unacceptable behaviour, that they could be reacting to something going on in me. Could I be the one who could change things around for my family if I am prepared to start with myself and am I willing to invest in my family in this way?

These are vital questions that really can turn your family around. Life is a journey, but we have to ensure that we are on the right track. You will need to find some non-judgemental support, but imagine the amazing haven of peace waiting for you at the end of it and let this give you hope when the going gets tough.

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