A New World With A New Laptop Computer

laptopWhen you are on a budget you can’t always have the latest and best of everything. This year I received a new Dell laptop for Christmas, after “making do” for so long. It all looks shiny and new to me, even though it’s reconditioned. My savvy husband bought and tested it and here I am at the start of a new year, ready to go.

This new laptop is at last reliable and light enough to take around with me. So- now that my family are spread around the world, I hope to become more mobile. Mind you, I have to keep telling myself that nothing should stop me, for travelling doesn’t come naturally to me and I haven’t yet found the thrill of it. I tend to rather prefer my warm nest, but know however the benefits of leaving it for a time.

My laptop helps me to keep in touch with loved ones who are far away, especially our eldest son who lives in S.Korea at present. It also enables me to carry on writing wherever I am. So I hope to become more regular at doing so and sharing those things of life that I have experienced, including my ongoing, online journey of working at home.

There is so much new to learn. Life is life-giving so long as we don’t stagnate. It’s only by moving forwards that we top up our life energy. Our bodies were designed to move. There are so many windows for doing so nowadays. I am sorry that my own parents, who are almost housebound, have never learned to use a computer, for it could open up the world for them again, when it might feel as if it has closed. They could also keep in touch with the family, whom they have been unable to visit for so long.

Maybe when I next visit them I will take mine to show and inspire them to tap into the world again!

What’s So Great About The “Dell Latitude E6400″ Laptop Computer?

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