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Many of us parents would like our children to spend less time playing computer games, but what would they replace it with?

As a guitarist of many years, I would like to recommend this adaptable and inspiring instrument.

Playing the guitar is therapeutic, making it a great de-stresser after a hard day at school or college and it’s educational too.  They learn to play rhythm, aligning themselves with nature and their own heartbeat. They learn about music as well, including many diverse aspects as their interest might lead them. It will help to improve their social skills as it’s great fun to play with other musicians as well as a solo instrument, potentially taking them far and wide in the world. Lastly they will learn to express themselves, as there are many types of guitar music which can be played softly, romanticly or upbeat and when they become proficient they will have something to be rightly proud about.

The guitar is one of the more mobile instruments and can be taken most places. It can be learned over time and played right away, as soon as they have picked up a small handful of chords. It will keep them active and outgoing.

My son is now following in my footsteps and at 18 has diversified in different ways to me. It’s wonderful to have our home filled with music, rather than shots, bangs and other computer noises! It’s worth a small inverstment- give it a try!

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