10 Reasons Why I Love Cooking

banana cake 7

Baking a chocolate banana cake

I recently had my old cooker repaired. It had been replaced by another that we had picked up for free and “made do” with for some time. It made me realise how much better the original one is and how I had subsequently not done so much cooking since it broke down.

However, it is now back again and here is the recipe for the first thing I made in it: A Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe 

It’s got me thinking about why I love cooking:

  1. I can let out the creative side of me
  2. I love the challenge of providing good food for my family on a budget
  3. It’s a time when I can usually chill out in my kitchen with my favourite music
  4. I  love filling the house with welcoming smells
  5. I like touching and handling food- there’s something threrapeutic about stirring, kneading and rolling….
  6. I love making an occasion when we can come together to share and eat
  7. I enjoy learning about nutrition and discovering what certain foods do in preparation and when we eat them
  8.  I like to control what is in our food, so I know we are getting the best
  9.  I can try new things, but equally enjoy bringing together the family favorites that give us a sense of identity
  10. I love food!

P.S. That chocolate banana cake was really good! Did you get the recipe?

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